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Web Conferencing

For help with using Zoom, please see the CFI's Zoom Help Page.

Media Services provides equipment and assistance for anyone who wants to communicate online with Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype, etc., for their online classroom or meeting. Note that with Zoom, you can RECORD a meeting.

We also loan portable webcams and microphones. For more information on this, contact Media Services or check out the Portable Equipment page. You can reserve equipment through the online equipment request form

Hyflex classrooms include two webcameras (one facing the professor and one facing the students), a podium PC with dual monitors and Zoom installed, a document camera, ceiling microphones throughout the room, a lapel microphone (this would be shared) and a separate input for a personal microphone, if desired.  Here is a list of recommended microphones

Online communication typically requires setup and testing time. Please contact us as soon as you can prior to your online event.


The university provides Zoom to faculty and staff for synchronous online class sessions, meetings, and recordings.

Here are some helpful links for using Zoom as well as teaching online in general.

For those of you who need further assistance or would like to set up a practice session, please fill out this form to request help. A Loyola Team Zoom! member will contact you as soon as possible.

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