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Off-Campus Access

Many library resources are available to current Loyola students, staff, and faculty only. When you are not on campus, you will first log in with your Microsoft account to access these resources.

Login Help

Please follow these steps if you are having difficulty accessing library resources from off campus.

When you click on the link to a resource through the library website, you should see this login screen:

micrsoft login screen

You may come across a different login screen directly from the publisher/vendor/platform, etc. If the Microsoft portal is not the login screen you are seeing, you can access it directly. Once you log in, your login info will be saved for the rest of your browser session so you can navigate to other library resources.

Library resources use your Microsoft account. More information about all your accounts can be found on the Loyola Information Technology website. For assistance contact the IT help desk 504-865-2255 or (must email from your Loyola Gmail account).

There are many factors associated with your browser that may be causing a login issue.

Different browser

Try another browser or a newer version of the same browser. If you're using Internet Explorer or Safari, try Chrome, Opera or Firefox.

Pop-up blocker

Some library resources require a new window to open. If you have a pop-up protector active, try turning it off or allowing pop-ups for a particular site.

Cache & automatic fill

Cache is your browser's storage on your computer. Your browser may be "remembering" pages with information in them that's no longer correct. In your browser look for a Tools or Options menu that lists an option to clear the cache. If your browser has inaccurate login information saved, it may automatically fill in this inaccurate information.


Please ensure that your browser is set to accept cookies.

If you are able to access other library resources, then perhaps it is an issue with a specific resource rather than with your login. Please try to access another resource from the A-Z Databases list (e.g., JSTOR or Project Muse). If you are successfully able to access another resource, please indicate that when you contact us.

Contact Us

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