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Course Materials

The role of course reserves, in whatever format, has always been to ensure that every student has access to all course materials, regardless of the cost of the materials. As we endeavor to make course materials both affordable and accessible for students, we hope that you will work with us to make that happen. Please explore the services on this page to make course materials equally available for all students. 


Search Physical Reserves



Book chapters, journal articles, and other short text can be scanned and posted to Canvas as OCR-readable PDFs.

You may also request articles for courses through interlibrary loan.

On Physical Reserve

Reserves are processed in order of receipt. Please allow 24 hours for processing. Books in the library's collection that are adopted as textbooks will be added to course reserves automatically.


The library can often purchase ebooks that can substitute for your textbooks or provide course readings. They are offered to students free of charge, making textbooks more affordable and accessible. We can also work with faculty to find ebooks that match course needs, in place of expensive textbooks. Please contact Laurie Phillips for more information about availability.

Direct Links to Electronic Resources

The library relies on usage statistics to determine which journals to renew and which to cancel each year. Instead of uploading the PDF, provide a link to the article to ensure student usage is being recorded.

Streaming Video

Films from the library's collection may be streamed. See the guide.

The library must own the material and have streaming rights. Personal copies and services such as Hulu or Netflix may not be used.  See Reserves Policies for more information. If the library does not own a DVD, you can request that it be purchased. Budget constraints may require prioritization for films that require educational pricing and streaming rights.


General policies, including our statement on copyright and Fair Use