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The role of course reserves, in whatever format, has always been to ensure that every student has access to all course materials, regardless of the cost of the materials. As we endeavor to make course materials both affordable and accessible for students, we hope that you will work with us to make that happen. Please explore the services on this page to make course materials equally available for all students. 

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Book chapters, journal articles, and other short text can be scanned and posted to Canvas as OCR-readable PDFs.

Streaming Video/Audio

CDs and DVDs can be digitized and streamed in your Canvas course. The library must own the material or have streaming rights - please contact Laurie Phillips if the library does not currently own the material you need.


If you plan to put books on reserve, or if the amount of material that you plan to use is more than fair use will allow, please work with Laurie Phillips to determine if it is possible to purchase an ebook version of the book to replace your physical reserve.

Electronic Resources

If you can replace reserve readings with scholarly articles, or book chapters, work with Laurie Phillips or your librarian liaison to identify the articles and properly link to them from Canvas. You may also request articles for courses through interlibrary loan.

On Physical Reserve

Note: for the safety of students and library faculty and staff, for accessibility, and due to the possibility of moving all classes online, professors are strongly encouraged to not place books on Physical Reserves.


General policies, including our statement on copyright and Fair Use