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Library Instruction

Teaching and Learning Team


The Teaching & Learning Team provides learner-centered information literacy and research instruction for students, faculty, and staff at Loyola University New Orleans. The content and delivery of our instruction is designed to meet the information needs of the individual or group and to address related media, data, and technological literacies. We work with faculty and staff to integrate this instruction into all levels of the curriculum in order to enhance the success of our students in their coursework and their future pursuits. An understanding of the broader social and ethical implications of information encourages the Jesuit values of thinking critically and acting justly. In teaching to engage information meaningfully, we contribute to the education of the whole student.

What We Do  


Integrate and phase information literacy instruction over the course of student curricula.

Research Consultations

Support research at the point of information need, in a variety of spaces and using a range of media.

Project Collaboration

Partner with university community on pedagogical, research, and scholarly communications projects.


Promote library services and resources as central to the university culture, both on campus and to the broader community, including visiting scholars.

Reflective Practice

Strategically assess the impact of research and information literacy instruction on learning.