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Purchase Requests

These forms are intended to be used by current Loyola students, faculty, and staff to request materials for academic purposes. Self-promotional requests will not be acknowledged.


If you would like to request the library purchase a book, DVD, or other type of item for the collection, please fill out the general request for purchase form. The subject area liaison will determine if the item would be an appropriate addition to the collection.

Request an item for the collection


If you are a faculty member requesting a DVD to be purchase so that it can be digitized for use in Canvas, please fill out the DVD for streaming purchase request. The library can only digitize DVDs which we have purchased; personal or donated copies, or services such as Hulu or Netflix, may not be used. Some DVDs require the purchase of an educational edition with appropriate streaming licenses, which may fall outside the library's budgetary constraints. Please request DVDs for streaming at least two weeks before they will be needed in class to allow for shipping, processing, and potential delays, and be aware that some titles can take longer.

Request a dvd for streaming