Electronic Reserves Policies

All articles and book chapters will be placed on electronic reserves in Blackboard. We will no longer place photocopies on physical reserve. Electronic reserves are posted in your Blackboard course under the “Library Reserves” area.

Please allow 48 hours for processing of electronic reserves. Be mindful that if you drop off materials on Friday evening, they will probably not be processed until Monday morning.

Due to copyright restrictions we are unable to place entire works on electronic reserve (plays, books, etc.). Copyright restrictions also limit the number of chapters from the same book that we can scan and place on electronic reserve. One chapter from a book, one article, a short story, essay or poem, or one image may be placed on e-reserve without obtaining copyright permission. If you need to place a book (or multiple chapters) or a whole play on reserve, we will make every effort to find and purchase an electronic copy. If one is unavailable, the library will purchase a copy to be placed on physical reserve.

Under Fair Use guidelines, copyrighted material can be placed on reserve for one semester without copyright clearance. However, if a faculty member wishes to use the same item again, the faculty member will need to obtain copyright permission. To apply for copyright permission and to learn more about using copyrighted materials in teaching, go to the Copyright Clearance website.To learn more about Fair Use, visit the Library of Congress web site and read Copyright Basics (Circular 1). Stanford University's website is also very helpful.

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Electronic Reserves General Information

We try to provide the highest quality electronic files at the smallest possible file size. Please provide clean and clear photocopies for scanning. Remember, text that is not readable when submitted will not be readable when scanned. Articles with illustrations or photocopies from books with dark gutters must be scanned in grayscale and may be larger files. If you are unable to make clean copies, please drop off the original and we will work on it and return it to you. If files are too large to be opened easily, we may break up an item into smaller files.

If you submit an article for scanning that is in one of the library’s databases, we will link to the article in the database.

Please provide a full citation to the materials we are posting for your classes. Your students need to know what they are reading and we need to give proper credit to the copyright holders.

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Physical Reserves Policies

Materials are placed on physical reserve to be used as supplemental course materials. They may be books, videos, music scores, or sound recordings. Physical reserves are checked out from the Learning Commons desk and may be designated for 2 hour, 4 hour (used for videos, which may be longer than 2 hours), or overnight checkout. Reserves are used to provide a shortened loan period so that all students in the class may have access to supplementary course materials in a reasonable period of time.

Other than textbooks or workbooks, we prefer for the library to own the materials to be placed on reserve. Please contact your librarian liaison or Laurie Phillips (864-7833) about requesting materials for purchase to be placed on reserve. Please allow enough time for materials to be ordered, received and processed and be sure to let us know that you are requesting materials for reserves so your request can be rushed.

The library will not accept copies of videos to be placed on reserve. Videos can often be rush ordered and processed within a week of request so please request these materials for purchase.  The online request for purchase form is available here.

Reserve lists will be inactivated at the end of the semester. Library materials will be returned to the regular circulating stacks. Personal copies will be returned to the instructor.

If you have any questions about physical reserves, please contact Evonne Lawrence (864-7165).

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