Course Materials


The library offers services to faculty to make required and supplemental course materials available to students in either physical or electronic format.

In Blackboard

Professors who would like assistance in placing course materials in Blackboard may select the appropriate form here:


Course materials may be made available to your students through Blackboard with help from library staff.

  • Etextbooks: The library will purchase unlimited user etextbooks for your courses upon request. Click here to search for your textbook’s availability.
  • Articles: Articles may be linked or uploaded to Blackboard. Articles that the library does not own may be requested via interlibrary loan and uploaded to Blackboard.
  • Book chapters: Book chapters (up to 10% of the total book) may be scanned and uploaded to Blackboard by library staff for you. You may link to chapters of ebooks owned by the library as well. Professors may drop off print materials, with the appropriate form, to be scanned and posted in their Blackboard courses, or may ask for online materials to be linked from their Blackboard courses.
  • DVDs/Video: Video from the library’s collection may be streamed in courses for two weeks under fair use, or for an unlimited time if the library has purchased streaming rights. Use the form to request streaming. The library must own the DVD, so please request that the library purchase the DVD before requesting streaming. Check here and choose DVD in the first dropdown menu to search the library’s DVD collection before making a request.

For more information about course materials in Blackboard, please contact Laurie Phillips, Associate Dean, at 864-7833 or

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On Physical Reserve in the Library

Physical reserves (books, music scores, compact discs, DVDs and videos) are available at the Learning Commons desk in the library. Instructors should fill out the appropriate form and bring it with the materials to be placed on reserve. Materials checked out from other libraries may not be placed on physical reserve. A link to your physical reserves in the library’s catalog will be placed in Blackboard for your students. To see what you have on physical reserve in the library, go here and choose Physical Reserves from the first dropdown menu, and Instructor Name from the second dropdown menu.

If you need help with putting together your course reserves for the semester, please contact your librarian liaison. For more information about placing items on physical reserve, please contact Evonne Lawrence, Circulation Coordinator, at or 864-7165.

For assistance with reserves services and policies, or with purchasing materials for reserve, please contact Laurie Phillips, Associate Dean, at 864-7833 or

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