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Online Learning Team

The Online Learning Team is available to answer any questions you have about Blackboard.

Emergency Plan

In the event of an evacuation, students will be responsible for checking the Blackboard system, where faculty will be able to communicate with students, post announcements and assignments for students, and accept homework, etc. Even if Bb is not part of the daily life of your course, you can plan to use the system in the event of an evacuation or other extended absence, to keep courses moving along. More information is available on the Online Learning Emergency Information page.

Course Duration

With few exceptions, a course site is automatically created on Blackboard for each course and section scheduled on LORA. The content of each course, including teaching materials, grades, and student submissions, remain on Blackboard indefinitely unless deleted by an instructor. Blackboard Inc. automatically backs up all courses against catastrophic loss, but does not maintain historical versions of course content. For this reason, instructors are strongly urged to maintain their own backups of their Blackboard courses.

Course IDs

Regular courses (scheduled on LORA) have Blackboard Course IDs such as 16S-RELS-T122-005. In this example, 16S identifies the semester of the course, RELS identifies an academic department or course area, T122 identifies a particular course, and 005 is the number of a section.

Special courses (not corresponding to a course that is scheduled on LORA) can be created on Blackboard for a variety of purposes. A special Course ID should begin with a prefix that identifies the starting semester (e.g. 16S-), and be followed by a unique name that identifies the purpose of the course. Care must be taken to ensure that the Course ID of a special course will not conflict with those of any regular courses. Recommended formats for the most common types of special courses are:

Committee: 13F-COM-NAMEOFCOMMITTEE-CN (CN = contact person's initials)



Course Size

Each course in Blackboard will be allotted 200 MB of file space. Every effort should be made by faculty members to control the size of files added into the system. Exceptions to this rule will be determined by the Blackboard administrator only after examination of files in the course, at which time a reduction in file size may be achieved.

Student and Faculty Accounts

Most students and faculty will log in to Blackboard using their Campus Wide ID (CWID), the number printed on the face of their Loyola ID Card. When a new user is created, the default password will be the first two letters (lower case) of their first name followed by the last four digits of their Social Security Number. The default password can be changed by the user at any time.

Guest Accounts

Accounts for users other than regular faculty and students can be created upon request to the Online Learning Team. The user name should be identical to the user's email address. The default password can be set up by agreement with the user or requesting department, and can be changed by the user at any time.

User Account Availability

By default, a user account will be marked unavailable if the account is at least one year old (by creation date) and has been unused for at least one year (by last login date). The account information will remain on Blackboard, but the user will not be able to log in. Such accounts can be reactivated upon user request.