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Library Instruction Classroom

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Jason Ezell
Jason Ezell

Jason is available to answer any questions you have regarding the Library Instruction Classroom.

The library instruction classroom (LI) is the premier instructional space at the Monroe Library. LI (room 146) is located on the first floor corridor near the computer labs. The room is designed for collaborative learning with 30 student computers. Laptops can also be brought into the room to accommodate additional students. Presentation equipment includes a projector, desktop computer, and a laptop inputs. Recent additions include webcams and microphones for online conferencing, and wireless access to the projector from any device (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or phone). Food is not permitted in this classroom.

Booking Requests

LI is primarily used for library instruction for courses throughout the university. However, LI can be requested for use by members of the Loyola community; curricular teaching purposes will be given preference. Booking of LI may be limited during peak library instruction periods.

To reserve the classroom for library instruction, please complete the Library Instruction Request form. If you would like to inquire about reserving the classroom for other purposes, please contact Jason Ezell.