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Library Instruction Classroom

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Michael Truran
Michael Truran

Michael is available to answer any questions you have regarding the Library Instruction Classroom.


The library instruction classroom (LI) is the premier instructional space at the Monroe Library. LI is located on the second floor, immediately to the right as you exit the main elevators (room 229). The room is designed for collaborative learning. Thirty desktop computers are permanently installed. Laptops can be brought into the room to accommodate additional students. Presentation equipment includes a projector, SMART Board, desktop computer, VCR, DVD player, and a laptop connection. Food is not permitted in this classroom.

Booking Requests

LI is booked through the Instruction Coordinator. In her absence, booking will be monitored by an assigned member of the Teaching and Learning Team. LI is primarily the instructional space for library faculty and staff. Secondarily LI can be requested for use by members of the Loyola Community. Requests that are for curricular teaching purposes will be given preference. Booking of LI may be limited during peak library instruction periods, such as the beginning of the semester. The duration and frequency of bookings will also be taken into consideration.

To reserve the Library Instruction Classroom, contact Michael Truran