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Loyola University uses the iClicker student response system. Professors from throughout the university use iClicker for polling and feedback to help engage the students, deepen classroom discussion, and review material, as well as for attendance, quizzes and tests. iClicker integrates easily with the Blackboard learning management system (LMS).

Media Services oversees iClicker administration, faculty training, and support. The system can be used in one of two ways:

  • A "suitcase system" with 50 clickers can be reserved on a first-come first-served basis for occasional classes, meetings, and events. These clickers can be used for polling, group feedback, and gathering group data. This system cannot be used for individual responses and assessment.

  • With the "complete system", students purchase clickers from the bookstore when they purchase their books for a course; one clicker device can be used in any course. Since students have their own clickers, individual data, as well as group data, can be saved.

All interested faculty are required to attend a 1.5 hour introduction session. In addition to learning about the system, instructors decide whether they want to use the complete system or get their feet wet with the suitcase system. For the complete system, instructors attend an additional 2 hour training session just prior to the semester in which they are using clickers.

Note that some professors are making the transition to using iClicker's new cloud-based polling system, iClicker Cloud, which has essentially the same features as the traditional iclicker system, but allows students to use either their own devices (laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc.) or an iClicker device to answer polling questions. If you would like to get started using iClicker Cloud, please use iClicker's excellent "Getting Started Resources" and download the appropriate iClicker Cloud Student Prep Kit before contacting Media Services for further training and support.

To reserve the iClicker suitcase system, please fill out our equipment request form.

For more information both iClicker Classic and iClicker Cloud, go to

For help, support, or information about training, contact Media Services at 504-864-7120 or