Librarian Liaisons

Elizabeth Joan Kelly

Elizabeth Joan Kelly

Digital Programs Coordinator

Library Liaison to Digital Filmmaking, Mass Communication, Music Industry, Popular and Commercial Music

Monroe Library 332


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Did you know that the Monroe Library has a librarian assigned to each department?

Get to know your liaison and all of the things he or she can do for you.

Student activities with liaisons:

  • Make an appointment for help with your research paper or project
  • Invite your liaison to student activities
  • Request a purchase of books, DVDs, scores, or other library materials

Faculty activities with liaisons:

  • Invite your liaison to work with your class on a research-related assignment
  • Request a purchase of books, DVDs, scores, or other library materials
  • Invite your liaison to meetings with your department
  • Help with setting up your library reserves
  • Refer students for help with research papers or projects
  • Help with obtaining materials for your own research
  • Assistance with strategies for creating effective research assignments that help prevent plagiarism or incorporate information literacy skills
  • Create library-related tutorials or research guides for your online or hybrid course

The table below includes contact information for librarian liaisons. 

Subject Area Librarian Liaison Phone Number
Art & Art History Laurie Phillips 504-864-7833
Biological Sciences Jim Hobbs 504-864-7126
Business (Economics, Finance, International Business, MBA) Michael Truran 504-864-7119
Business (Accountancy, Entrepreneurship, Business Analytics, Management, Marketing) Lucy Rosenbloom 504-864-7052
Chemistry Jim Hobbs 504-864-7126
Classical Studies Michael Truran 504-864-7119
Computer Science Jim Hobbs 504-864-7126
Counseling Laurie Phillips 504-864-7833
Criminology and Justice Jason Ezell 504-864-7138
Design Laurie Phillips 504-864-7833
Digital Filmmaking Elizabeth Kelly 504-864-7047
English Victoria Elmwood 504-864-7258
Environmental Studies Jim Hobbs 504-864-7126
History Jason Ezell 504-864-7138
Food Studies Lucy Rosenbloom 504-864-7052
Honors Program Jason Ezell 504-864-7138
Institute for Ministry Victoria Elmwood 504-864-7258
Languages and Cultures Victoria Elmwood 504-864-7258
Mass Communication Elizabeth Kelly 504-864-7047
Mathematics Jim Hobbs 504-864-7126
Music (Performance, therapy, education, theory & composition) Laurie Phillips 504-864-7833
Music Industry Elizabeth Kelly 504-864-7047
New Orleans Studies Trish Nugent 504-864-7092
Nursing Michael Truran 504-864-7119
Philosophy Michael Truran 504-864-7119
Physics Jim Hobbs 504-864-7126
Political Science Lucy Rosenbloom 504-864-7052
Popular and Commercial Music Elizabeth Kelly 504-864-7047
Psychology Jim Hobbs 504-864-7126
Religious Studies Victoria Elmwood 504-864-7258
Sociology Jason Ezell 504-864-7138
Teaching Jason Ezell 504-864-7138
Theatre Arts & Dance Laurie Phillips 504-864-7833