Off-campus troubleshooting + FAQ

Please go through this page from top to bottom, checking the points listed below. There are many issues that can complicate or prevent access to our electronic resources. The most frequent problems are: not currently registered for classes or browser issues. Please try again in a different location or try a different browser on your computer. Once you've gone through all these points, then you are ready to contact us directly for assistance. Current staff and faculty can also use the Virtual Private Network.

  1. How do I access databases from off-campus?
  2. Who can use databases through the Monroe Library?
  3. Can you log in to Loyola's e-mail system?
  4. Have you changed your Loyola e-mail password?
  5. Do you see the log-in screen?
  6. Are you logging in correctly?
  7. What browser add-ons are you using?
  8. Is your browser set to accept cookies?
  9. Can you get into any database?
  10. Are you using a firewall?
  11. What browser are you using?
  12. Have you cleared your browser's cache?
  13. Is the browser automatically filling in your login information?
  14. Where are you working?
  15. Have you attended Loyola before?
  16. Do you need additional help?

How do I access databases from off-campus?

The Monroe Library subscribes to many electronic services for use by Loyola's faculty, staff and currently-enrolled students. Links are in our web pages.

If you are off-campus when you try to access library databases, e-journals, e-books, or other electronic resources, you will be asked to log in. Enter your Loyola email login. This is the first part of your email address and your email password. For example, if your email address is, your username is stiggy. If your email is, your username is also stiggy.

Passwords follow a default pattern. If you haven't changed your password, it should still be set at the default. The password pattern will be 6 characters long with the 1st 2 characters being the 1st 2 characters of your First Name and the last 4 characters being the last 4 digits of your SSN. For example, Mary Smith with the SSN xxx-xx-3456 will have the password ma3456.

If you have changed your Loyola email login password, then use your new password. Off-campus access login uses exactly the same login as you use for your Loyola email.

Don't know your Loyola email account information? You can find your email address by looking it up in the Loyola directory, or you can find it in the "Personal Info" section of your LORA account.

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Who can use databases through the Monroe Library?

Loyola's electronic databases are available off-campus to current Loyola University New Orleans students, staff and faculty only. We cannot extend this privilege to alumni or members of the general public. Most of our databases can be used by the public in the library building. Also try your local public library. If you're in Louisiana, go to Louisiana State Library to see what your local library system has. Here is a list of all state libraries.

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If you can't log in to your Loyola WolfMail account, then you won't be able to use any of our databases from home. Contact Information Technology at 504-865-2255 Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm or for help. However, Loyola graduates keep use of the e-mail system but do not keep electronic product access.

If you are using the new Zimbra email system, that login will not work. You must log in with your old Wolfmail username and password. If you do not recall it, contact Information Technology at 504-865-2255 Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:45 pm and ask them to reset it.

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If you have changed your password to log into Loyola e-mail, then use your updated password. The same system is used to authenticate users for e-mail and for electronic products.

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DO YOU SEE THe log-in screen?

When you click on one of the databases, Do you see a red log-in screen? This is the proxy server login page. If you don't see this page when you try to get into a database, please report the exact text of the error message when you contact the library.

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Your username is the part of your Loyola email address before the @ sign. For example, hobbs, not

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What browser add-ons are you using?

Some products require a new window to pop up. If you have a pop-up protector active, try turning it off or allowing pop-ups for a particular site. HTTPS Everywhere may also interfere with off-campus database use.

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Please ensure that your browser is set to accept cookies. If you do not accept all cookies, please be sure to allow exceptions for http://* at a mimimum.

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Try a database from a different company. If you can't get into an EBSCOhost database, try one from ProQuest or another provider. If you can then gain access, the problem is with the database provider. Databases by company:

EBSCOhost: Academic Search Complete, AGRICOLA, ATLA Religion/ATLAS, Business Source Complete, Catholic Literature & Periodical Index, CINAHL Plus Full Text, Communications & Mass Media Complete, ERIC, Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia, Health Source: Nursing/Academic, MAS Ultra (School Edition), MEDLINE, Military & Government Online, MLA International Bibliography, Primary Search, PsycARTICLES, PsycINFO, and Regional Business News.

ProQuest: ABI/Inform GLobal, Chicago Defender, Music Periodicals Database, Los Angeles Times, New York Times current and Historic, Performing Arts Database, Religious Periodicals, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal.

Gale: Biography Resource Center, Literature Resource Center, Scribner Writer Series, Twayne Author Series.

Oxford: Oxford Art, Oxford English Dictionary (OED), Oxford Music, and Oxford Reference Online Collection.

If this works, please contact the Learning Commons Desk to report the problem. The telephone number is 504-864-7111. Thank you.

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A firewall is hardware or software that will block outside users from your computer. A hardware firewall might be part of your home network. Windows includes a software firewall that is automatically turned on. There are also other firewalls like that you can install separately. Check the settings to be sure you can use our services.

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Try another browser or a newer version of the same browser. If you're using an older version of Internet Explorer, update your version. If you're using Internet Explorer, try a different browser, such as Chrome, Opera or Firefox.

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Cache is your browser's storage on your computer. Your most recently viewed web pages are saved on your computer and loaded from there instead of from the internet to save time. Your browser may be 'remembering' pages with information in them that's no longer correct. In your browser look for a Tools or Options menu that includes a way to clear the cache memory.

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If so, it may be using incorrect information. Turn the feature off or tell the browser not to fill in forms for the site

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If you're at work, try working at home, and vice versa. If you can, try someone else's computer. Many workplaces have restrictions in effect that block your use of our resources.

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Have you attended Loyola before?

If you have graduated from Loyola in the past and are back for additional education, contact Jim Hobbs at at 504-864-7126 (Monday to Friday 8:45 am to 4:45 pm) or hobbs at Since alumni are not eligible to use our electronic services from off-campus, you may be blocked from use.

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Do you need additional help?

If you still have problems, contact the Learning Commons Desk at 504-864-7111 while we are open, or Jim Hobbs at 504-864-7126 (Monday to Friday 8:45 am to 4:45 pm) or email Please have the exact text of error messages and detailed list of steps followed and symptoms. (For example: Are you currently registered for classes? Have you graduated? What browser are you using? What services were you using? Can you use your Loyola email?)

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