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Most of the time…

…book displays get made because there’s some event, and we want to highlight that event or all of the awesome things that we have in our collection (who knew we had pop-up books before National Procrastination Week? Crazy!), or both. Sometimes, though, book displays get made because someone sees something really cool in the stacks, or in a book cart, or on a table somewhere in the library, and thinks, “We should make a book display with this.” And then that someone (okay, usually it’s me) looks for some way to link an event to a book display, however tenuous that link may be. I mention this just so that you know that I know I’m reaching. Here goes….

Friday, April 10, marked the 34th anniversary of the death of photographer Walker Evans (okay, it’s not as bad in writing as it was in my head). Evans’ is probably best known for his photographic contribution to James Agee’s book Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, which documented 3 families in rural Alabama in the 1930′s. The series was photographed by Evans during a leave from his work documenting rural life in the United States for the Farm Security Administration . Later in life, Evans worked for Time Magazine, and taught at the Yale School of Art and Architecture. Encyclopedia Britannica Online writes about this far more eloquently than I do. And yes, to mark the anniversary of Evans’ death, we’ve created a book display on the new book shelf, outside of the Living Room in the Learning Commons. Come by and check it out. You can also check out a list of books on Evans, including some Special Collections titles that aren’t on display, here.