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The following (utterly charming) film, Art of the Marbler, allows us to follow the production of marbled paper as executed by William Chapman, an artist employed by Douglas Cockerell and Son.

The video was produced by the Bedfordshire Record Office in 1970 and published via the Bedfordshire Archives Youtube channel in 2013.

To examine a selection of beautifully marbled papers firsthand, drop by Loyola University New Orleans Special Collections & Archives on the 3rd floor of Monroe Library Monday-Friday, 9:00-4:30. video training has arrived is here!

The video computer training service is now at the Monroe Library!  It has over two thousand videos on audio, business, CAD, design, photography, video, and the web, like using Pintrest for your band or personal branding basics.  You’ll find how-tos for all Microsoft Office components, as well as software from companies like Adobe.

There is a single workstation with in Monroe Library Room 109.  The key for this room can be checked out at the Learning Commons Desk on the first floor, or reserved in advance by contacting Jason Ezell at 504-864-7138 or  Questions go to Jim Hobbs at or 504-864-7126.