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LC 4 Life?

This is the “jumping off point” for the Learning Commons blog at Loyola University, New Orleans.

1)  What is a “Learning Commons?”

We are the best, and newest thing, to come your way amongst the recent miriad of library advancements.  At the Monroe Library, we strive to provide “traditonal” library services and at the same time, we are committed to providing new models of what it means to be a library.  The Learning Commons encourages engagement with information in its various forms, reinforces the value of collaborative inquiry, creates new opportunities for community interaction, and supports student success at Loyola.

2)  Where Should You Ask Questions?

The LC (Learning Commons) is where you should feel free to ask ANY question.  We will direct you to where you can find research about anything:  freeway displacement, women in the 1960′s, the Christmas Tsunami:  you can find it all here!  At the Learning Commons desk, you can get assistance with standard circulation, reference, and technology questions. Users wanting or needing more in-depth knowledge are connected to appropriate experts, materials, programs, or workshops.

The Learning Commons is a work in process, so please join us as we discover ourselves and expand your world!