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Change to Bb Sync iPhone app

Anyone currently using the Blackboard Sync app on their iPhone or iPod touch may have noticed that the service was recently removed.  Blackboard decided to develop an entirely new app, Bb Learn, rather than continue service on the existing Bb Sync. We are aiming to have this app available to Loyola students when the new school year begins in August 2010.

I recently saw the app, and you will just have to believe me when I tell you that it is worth the wait. More than the (lets be honest) glorified RSS reader that was Sync, Bb learn allows for whole new levels of interactivity and customization will allow you to perform just about any function of Bb on your mobile device.

Blackboard on Your iPhone

Did you know that you can now access your Blackboard account using your iPhone or iPod touch? Just yesterday the Blackboard Learn app became available at the app store.

Just download the app (its free), enter in the url for loyola’s blackboard server ( and your username and password, and you are well on your way to seeing what’s new, viewing class readings and keeping up with your classes even when you are away from the computer.

Don’t have an iPhone? Look for the Blackboard Sync app on Facebook and stay connected that way too.