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Scholar has Arrived!

So, what exactly is Scholar?

…I am so glad you asked. Scholar is the new social bookmarking service from Blackboard that allows all users of Blackboard systems across the globe connect and share research resources, favorite sites and Ideas. For an idea on what Social bookmarking actually is, take a look a Wikipedia’s entry here.

The first time that you click on the Scholar tab, you will be prompted to create an account; a few pieces of information and you are in. Blackboard will save your account information and automatically log you in to scholar each time you log into Blackboard. Here is the great thing about Scholar, your account is completely transferable. If you continue your studies at another institution, you can simply associate your scholar account with that institution’s blackboard server, or even if they don’t use blackboard, you can simply sign into your account directly at

If you want more information about Scholar, you can visti their website at

So get tagging, and let me know how it goes.