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Summer Courses Available Now

Courses for this summer are now available on Blackboard to their respective faculty. If you are teaching a course over the summer and it isn’t appearing when you log in, please contact Jonathan Gallaway in the Monroe Library so we can remedy the situation.

Students will be enrolled univeristy wide on May 18th.

Session '"Z" classes

With Spring semester in full swing, It is time to start thinking about the second eight week (or “Z”) classes. Session Z courses officially begin, with some exceptions, on March 4th, 2009. If you are teaching one of these courses, it should already be listed in your course list on Blackboard. If you don’t see it there, contact me so we can be sure that you have the access you need.  Students will be enrolled into these classes on Monday March 2nd.

Fall Faculty Workshops

Learn how to use Wikis and Blogs in your classes, best practices for grading and online assessment, and how to create a course that bridges the gap between online and oncampus education. Not quite sure what this ‘Blackboard’ thing is? we have that covered too. For a full list of this fall’s Blackboard workshops, go here.