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Printing tips 101

Are you looking for ways to conserve paper? Here are a few simple tips to get started!

Did you know that you can save articles to your USB drive? Don’t have one on you? That’s okay! You can also email an article straight to your inbox.

Watch this tutorial to learn how to save and email articles from databases

Are you trying to print your PowerPoint presentation?

Take a look at this tutorial to learn how to print multiple slides per page!

And you? What do you do to save paper?

Printing at the Library

This blog posting does not have current information; email for updated information.

In an effort to improve library services and encourage smart use of library resources, we have moved the printers behind the Learning Commons Desk. The move will help us service the printers efficiently so that everyone’s printing needs will be met as smoothly as possible. We want to be sure that everyone can print what they need for their academic work at Loyola, but we also want to contain printing costs and reduce waste!
The printing policy is now in effect and we thank you for collaborating with us!  See below for details.
Please let us know if you have any questions.   And check in next week for paper-saving tips!

Monroe Library Printing Policy

Our goals:

  • Ensure smart use of library and campus resources
  • Reduce waste
  • Trouble-shoot and maintain printers more quickly
  • Promote responsible printing

What is responsible printing?

-Think before you ink!  Use print preview to double check your work and ensure that you’re only printing what you need.

-The printing of articles, reserve materials, papers, notes and other work that supports Loyola course assignments, academic projects and research are permitted.

-When printing PowerPoint slides, please print 6 slides per page.  Users should also use black text on white background.  For instructions on how to responsibly print PowerPoint presentations, ask at the LC desk.  Multiple copies are not permitted.

-The printing of handouts, flyers, invitations, advertisements, and announcements is not permitted under any circumstance.  Users who wish to print multiple copies of any document may make photocopies or visit Printing Services in Room 236 of Monroe Hall.

Thank you for partnering with us to help achieve our goals for responsible printing in the Monroe Library.