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Now more local newspaper articles online!

We have recently added the New Orleans Advocate newspaper and Times-Picayune web-only content to our America’s News subscription. The New Orleans Advocate articles are often unique and don’t always appear in the Baton Rouge Advocate, which was always included in our America’s News subscription.  Give it a try to locate more local information!

Check Out CustomGuide

Learning a new application? One of my library colleagues recently showed me CustomGuide. CustomGuide has free reference cards that you can download or print for Adobe, Apple, and Microsoft applications. For example, they have cards for PowerPoint 1997 through 2007. My favorite feature is the keystroke shortcuts.

Check out the website here:

-Malia Willey, Information Literacy/ Learning Commons Librarian

Learning Express Library has practice tests

The Monroe Library added the Learning Express Library during the summer of 2008. It’s not a database of books or articles, but a service with lots of practice tests and ebooks for improving performance on academic and professional tests. Includes practice exams for GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, and TOEFL. Also mathematics, reading, and other skill improvement tutorials. This service requires registration. Ask questions at the Learning Commons Desk in person or by telephone at 504-864-7111.