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Loeb Classical Library online has arrived!

Hundreds of our little red and green books are now available online.

They’re the Loeb Classical Library, with Greek and Latin texts from the Classical era face-to-face with English translations.  Published since 1911, these pocket sized books are the go-to source for original texts and English versions.  Perpetual access to these books has been purchased using the Bienvenue Classics endowment fund, honoring beloved Classics teacher Father Bienvenue, and established to add materials on Classical studies to our collection.  Features include single- and dual-language reading modes, annotation and bookmarking, a Greek keyboard for word entry, searching and browsing of all text, and every volume currently in print and all future additions.  All your favorites, like Sophocles, Euripides, Aristotle, both Plinys, St. Augustine, Euclid, Ovid, Strabo, Suetonius, Catullus, and many more are here!

You’ll find drama, mathematics, religion, natural history, ethics, philosophy: the whole array of thought on which Western Civilization was built. Having them online brings a whole new meaning to the medium of the “tablet!”