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Invalid File Errors

I have been hearing from a lot of students as well as faculty that they have been encountering this problem when trying to submit a file to a Blackboard assignment: The system allows you to browse for the file and attach it but when you click submit a pop-up warning tells you that your file is “Invalid”.

This is almost always caused by a browser incompatibility. Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 8 (beta)  are not supported by our Blackboard environment at this time and will almost always throw this error up when trying to attach a file in Blackboard. If you encounter this, please try a different browser; Firefox 2 or IE 7 are both supported browsers and should work much better.

We are currently looking into a possible system upgrade to our Blackboard system that would support these browsers, but the downtime associated with such a change demands that it be done over the summer break.