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WE RECOMMEND: The Bible Experience: New Testament

The Bible Experience: New Testament by Ron Belk

The Bible Experience: New Testament is an audiobook of the New Testament of the Bible. Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington, Angela Bassett, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Forest Whitaker, and many other recognizable actors voice the New International Version translation. The Bible Experience creates a captivating and powerful performance of the New Testament.

It might seem unusual to recommend a Bible audiobook. However, if you are taking a biblical studies class this semester, you probably will be required to read selections from the Bible. Reading the Bible on your own is important to gain a detailed understanding of the text. The Bible Experience is an engaging and helpful supplement to those readings. The audiobook brings to life the stories of the Bible. Rather than a line-by-line reading of the text, this is a full-fledged production with superb voice actors whose performances are enhanced by the background music and sound effects. This audiobook is an engaging journey through the New Testament. Listen to it in your car, while you are studying, or even while you are exercising. The continual exposure will help you recall the Bible for quizzes, tests, and papers, and will allow you to experience the text in a new way.

- Brian Sullivan, Online Learning Librarian