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Voting Information

We just wanted to remind you that Louisiana elections are Saturday, November 18. Go to the Louisiana Secretary of State Elections and Voting website for more info about times, locations, and your ballot, or download the Geaux Vote app.

Jefferson Parish LWV Collection

With the U.S. Presidential Election coming up in under a month, it’s only fitting that the League of Women Voters of Jefferson Parish collection is currently being processed in the Special Collections & Archives at Loyola University New Orleans.

The collection features national and local pamphlets and publications, information on causes important to the League of Women Voters (nationally and locally), and much more.

One of the pamphlets from the Jefferson Parish branch of the Leave of Women Voters, “Who’s Who in Government”, lists members of the National Government, State Government, and Local Government, along with ways to contact each member. This photo is from the Summer 1997 mailing.

The League of Women Voters provided a pamphlet for teachers and students on how to actively watch and what to take note of in a Presidential Debate. With the third, and final, debate coming up next Wednesday, October 19th, this pamphlet might be helpful in understanding the importance and purpose of the debate.

Posted by student worker Samantha.

SGA Elections of the 50s

SGA Elections were last week. While you anxiously await the results, enjoy these images of Loyola students voting in the 1950s.

These photos and more can be found in the University Photographs Collection in the Louisiana Digital Library.

Huey P. Long’s First Days in the White House

The debates for the 2016 Presidential election are in full swing. While candidates attempt to impress upon voters their suitability for the presidency, none have gone so far as to publish a fictionalized account of their  first 100 days in office. When Louisiana Governor and U.S. Senator Huey P. Long announced his candidacy, however, that is exactly what he did.

My First Days in the White House was “presented as a prophecy by its Author, the late Huey Pierce Long, wherein he endeavored to portray what he would have done had he become President and how he would have conducted the national government; setting forth his impressions of what he believed would be the reaction of the people referred to and the public, generally.”

Read our previous post about this volume here, or come see My First Days in the White House Monday – Friday, 9:00-4:30 at the Monroe Library Special Collections & Archives.

Found in the Archives is a recurring series of crazy cool stuff found in the Monroe Library’s Special Collections & Archives.

Tune into the Presidential Debates at the Monroe Library!

The presidential debates will be televised in the Monroe Library in the following locations: the first floor coffee area, the Living Room, the second and third floor group study rooms, and seminar room #1 on the mezzanine.

The first presidential debate begins this Friday, September 26 at 8pm. The library will remain open till 10pm this Friday, to allow members of the Loyola community to view the debate in its entirety.

Here is the full schedule. All debates begin at 8pm Central Time:

First presidential debate: Friday, September 26 (from the University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS)

Vice presidential debate: Thursday, October 2 (from Washington University, St. Louis, MO)

Second presidential debate: Tuesday, October 7 (from Belmont University, Nashville, TN)

Third presidential debate: Wednesday, October 15 (from Hofstra University, Hempstead NY)

An anecdote: I spelled ‘presidential’ as ‘presedential’ the first time I wrote it, realized it was wrong, and then proceeded to misspell it the other seven times I wrote it. Also, I tried very, very hard to come up with a clever title for this post, and couldn’t. If you have an awesome one, please leave it in the comments section, and I’ll do some renaming.