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Monroe Library Movie Club

I don’t know about you, but I’m a poor student worker without any extra cash, so I have to manage my money. Watching and renting movies is my favorite thing to do, though!  So how do I do it on a budget?

Netflix and Blockbuster Online seem too-cool-for-school, and I would love to use them! But in reality, it’s yet another monthly expense that I just can’t handle or keep track of. Also, if you’re an on-campus student (like I was the past 3 years), I know that one’s mailbox and residence can change several times per semester…and having yet another piece of mail to change the address on can be an unwanted hassle. (Just keeping your mom updated on your mail box number is stressful enough!)

So I say this to you:  what could be better than a wide range of movie titles of numerous genres, all part of a catalog that is continuously expanding, and free to all Loyola students and members of the community?

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen…I have discovered that The J. Edgar & Louise S. Monroe Library Learning Commons has all of the above (and more!)  When I have a specific movie in mind, I look it up in the Online Catalog (located on the library’s home page.) If all I know is that I’ve got popcorn to pop and a hankering to escape from studying, I go in to the Learning Commons and browse the “Library DVD List” binder at the front desk or go straight to the DVD shelves (to the left of the computer cluster on the 1st floor) and peruse titles. Students (that includes you, Law, Nursing, and Grad students!) have a 3-night checkout for all the green-dotted DVDs and VHS tapes…and I don’t know about you, but three nights is plenty of time to find an hour for procrastination.

Also, don’t fret! The DVDs are not all “boring” educational films. The Learning Commons has indie films (“Amelie”), classic movies (“Some Like It Hot”), chick-flicks (“Pride & Predjudice”), action films (“V for Vendetta”), foreign films (“Volver”), documentaries (“Sicko”), musicals (“Chicago”), and the list goes on and on. They even have random fun DVD collections to watch, such as the complete seasons of “Six Feet Under,” “30 Rock,” or “Bridezillas.”

The moral of this story is: “Don’t pay when you don’t have to.” Discover the entertainment goodness the Monroe Library Learning Commons has to offer! Imagine…you can start checking out movies, and only have to pay for the popcorn and drinks! Check one out today. I’m most likely sitting at the desk, waiting to help you. :)