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Server maintenance Dec 28th

Blackboard may be the last thing that you are thinking of  in the early morning between semesters, but just in case here is the full text from Blackboard:

“Subject: Upcoming System Maintenance (Service Impacting)

Date: Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Time: 12:00 AM to 08:30 AM US Eastern Time

Services: Clients hosted at Northern Virginia Data Center 2

As part of the Managed Hosting team’s initiative to improve our environment and take advantage of new technologies, we will be undergoing a project to swap out our existing core switches in both the VA2 and VA3 datacenters. This swap will enable us to upgrade to our vendor’s latest technology switches while expanding our capacity so that we can better support your growth.

The maintenance work is scheduled to happen on Tuesday December 28th from 12:00 – 8:30 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Why is the maintenance window 8½ hours instead of the usual 4 hours?

This project is larger in scale than most of the maintenance work we do during our regular windows. Our standard maintenance generally requires adding or replacing a card or upgrading code whereas this maintenance requires the replacement of both the A & B side switches. While the work itself should not take the full 8½ hours, we have built a buffer into the window to resolve any problems that might arise and/or enact a rollback plan if needed.

Why is the work being done on a Tuesday and not during the Friday morning window?

Based on our maintenance policy, any scheduled non-emergency maintenance that requires more than the four hours allotted during a regular Friday window will be performed during a more appropriate window.

Will my site be offline the entire window?

The Managed Hosting Engineering Teams will take all necessary steps to minimize the impact to clients. However, because the maintenance requires redirecting traffic in addition to physically removing equipment, clients may experience extended periods of latency and/or packet loss at anytime during the entire window. Our recommendation is to notify your end users to prepare for the site to be offline for the full eight and a half hours. They may find the site available sporadically but users should not plan to do any work as it may not be saved if the site becomes unreachable.

Does my institution have to be included in this maintenance?

Yes. As the maintenance is datacenter wide, it will include all clients hosted within the facility.

Will I need to make any changes on my network?

No, there is nothing that needs to be done by your institution and no changes need to be made to your network. There will be no modifications to our current configurations or IP schema during this change.


Blackboard MH Change Management”

Yet more Blackboard Maintenance

It is that time of year again when we try to make all of the changes to the system to make sure next year goes as smoothly as possible.

On Sunday, June 20th, Blackboard will be unavailable from 2:30am until 10:30am, while our server is migrated to a new data center. Once this is complete, blackboard should see faster performance and greater reliability.  Please plan for this outage accordingly.

Blackboard Maintenance

As part of our routine maintenance, we will begin to remove courses from the Summer 2008 semester on July 27th, 2009 and the Fall 2008 Semester on Aug 3rd, 2009. If you have courses from either of these terms that you require to remain available on the Blackboard server, please contact the Blackboard Manager, Jonathan Gallaway at or at 504-864-7168.

Again this only concerns courses from the Summer and Fall of 2008. While no other courses are affected, please take time to look through your courses from all previous semesters, and if there are some that you no longer need to have live on Blackboard, please indicate to us which can now be removed.

While we take system backups, we encourage all teaching faculty to archive their courses for later use. For a tutorial on how to take an archive of your course visit the Blackboard Center on the Monroe Library Website at

Courses for the Fall of 2009 will be created on Monday, Aug 3rd, and students will be enrolled into them on Monday, Aug 17th.  If you need assistance copying material from previous semesters, combining multiple sections of courses that you are teaching, or have any questions about Blackboard or course procedures, you can, as always, contact Jonathan Gallaway or the Monroe Library.

Welcome to the Blackboard Center Blog!

Fast on the heels of our website re-design, We are very excited to introduce the new Blackboard Center Blog. Over the coming months we will be using this space to introduce new features, offer tips, and answer questions from our users (namely, you) to help make your experience using our Blackboard system as easy, enjoyable, and edifying as possible.

Please feel free to ask questions in the comment area of any post, or to contact me directly at Also take a moment to explore the new Blackboard Center, complete with updated Frequently asked questions, tutorials and polices.

Thanks, and happy Blackboarding.

Jonathan Gallaway, Blackboard Manager