Friend of the Month: Damir Durmo

Name: Damir Durmo

Year: Senior

Major: Finance management

Minor: International Business

Who is Damir?

Damir is from Sarajevo, Bosnia. He came to Loyola in 2008 on a basketball scholarship. He says that choosing Loyola is probably the best decision he’s ever made–he’s having a great time and his education will help him get a job “somewhere in the world” after graduation.  He’s really thankful to all the people that helped him come to Loyola.

How he uses the library:

Damir checks out laptops, DVDs, reserve books for classes, and other library materials.  He also prints everything that he needs for his classes.

How can the library help to further student success?

The library could place more emphasis on recycling.  There’s a lot paper waste that could go in the recycling bins.  Also, the computers in the Learning Commons could use an update.

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