Newspapers Online! Read All About It!

Put off by online newspapers that ask you to pay to read articles? The Monroe Library has a wide variety of national, regional and local newspapers you can read daily at no additional charge! And they’re updated with today’s paper.
Go to Newspapers & Current Events on the page Databases by Subject.

You’ll find individual entries for the New York Times (current and historical), Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. To get a specific day’s paper for these five, start the service, then click the Publications tab, select the one you want, and then select the day you want. Sort results by page number to see the articles from front page to back. (Note: for the Times-Picayune, use the Get It button for full text.)

There is also a very large collection of U.S. papers in LexisNexis Academic. Use the Search the News form to look for a word or phrase in a specific paper. You’ll also find major world papers and broadcast transcripts.
And don’t forget the Times-Picayune for 1923 through 1987!

2 Responses to “Newspapers Online! Read All About It!”

  1. Em Says:

    Do we get free access to The New York Time’s website or just the database? I’d love to be able to get NYTimes on my phone or something along those lines.

  2. admin Says:

    You can use this search box to search NYTimes from 1980-present on your phone. Check out our mobile site on your smartphone to see other databases that you can search on your phone too.

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