Friend of the Month: Sarah Wagner

Friend of the Month: Sarah Wagner
Name: Sarah Wagner

Year: Senior

Major: Economics

Minors: Business

Who is Sarah?

Sarah is from Nashville and came to New Orleans on a whim.  She plans to stay in New Orleans for a while after graduation because there is still so much to explore.

How she uses the library:

Sarah enjoys using the library because it has a lot of unique features that other libraries don’t have.  She checks out laptops frequently, takes naps on the couches and peruses old Life magazines for fun.  She’s glad that Loyola has one of the best libraries in the nation!

How can the library help to further student success?

Everyone is always very helpful in the library (especially Hilary) and the librarians are always a great help with research.  It would be great if the library had more beanbags!  People always move them around.  One time she found a beanbag tucked away in the stacks—she went back the next day because it was actually a good place to study.

Thanks for using the library, Sarah!

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