Blackboard login CWID

Log in to Blackboard with Your Campus Wide ID (CWID)

Starting Monday, January 4th, 2016

Who will this affect?

All Blackboard users who are listed either as an instructor or as a student during the fall 2014 semester or later. That’s most Blackboard users. Inactive, guest, and administrative accounts will not be affected.

What will change?

Blackboard instructors and students will log in to Blackboard using their unique Campus Wide ID (CWID) instead of the username.  Nothing else will change – Blackboard users will retain the same password and the same Blackboard data as before. Note, instructors and students will not be able to use their former username to log in after the conversion date.

What is my CWID?

The CWID number is printed on the front of your Loyola ID card.  Faculty and students use their CWID to log into LORA.

Why are we doing this?

To avoid duplicate user names in the Blackboard system and to enhance Blackboard security.

For more information:

Questions? Concerns? Please contact the Monroe Library’s Online Learning Team. Email, or call x7168.


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