New old Loyola films

Special Collections & Archives just completed the digitization of three Loyola promotional films from the 50s and 70s and put them up the Louisiana Digital Library.

Loyola of the South was produced in 1956 and investigates the different colleges and departments in the university as well as athletics and other extracurriculars:

Loyola of the South

This untitled film from the 70s shows some quick campus scenes:

Loyola, 3 minutes, color, 1970s

And finally, my personal favorite is Sunrise IV, a student film produced by the Department of Communications, that includes archival photos and footage of Loyola’s campus as well as the robust entertainment scene in New Orleans circa 1973-74:

Sunrise IV (student film)

Here’s an excerpt from Sunrise:

Stay tuned for more movies from Special Collections & Archives, and let us know what you think of these. How much has campus and student life changed?

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