The Common Grounds Cafe: Good Honest Coffee Since 2004

Enjoy a cup!

Coffee is back!  Located to the right of the front doors when you enter the library, the Common Grounds Café has a variety of hot and cold drinks and biscotti. If you’re feeling eco-friendly, buy one of our lovely Monroe Library mugs and get a free brew!

We’re open 8AM-9PM Monday – Thursday and 8AM-6PM Friday, so we’ve got your caffeine needs covered from morning to night.


Large Small
Coffee $1.75 $1.50
Hot Chocolate $1.75 $1.50
Tea $1.65 $1.35
Biscotti $1.50
Mochasippi $2.00
Library Mug $2.00

Hang out and watch some TV while taking a break from studying, or take your drink on the go so you can hit those books.  Come see us, and remember: Happiness is coffee shaped.


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