Bulldozing the Old Library and Bulldozing the Mind

Below is an interesting article from the 2001 Maroon about bulldozing the entire Loyola campus, hypothetically of course. As the old library is descontructed, this article made quite an impression. Smith argues that the physical buildings that make up Loyola University of New Orleans are simply structures. He asserts that, even without these buildings, Loyola can still be a institution, so long as there are still students who have a strong desire to learn, expand the mind, and “seek the truth” and faculty members willing to further educate. Most importantly, the Loyola community should consider “mental bulldozing” in that students and faulty should remember that the purpose of this institution is not limited within the walls of the buildings. Thus, the community can exclude any notions ┬áthat our institution would not exist if there was no physical structure. These structures simply supplement our academic endevors. If any of you are not pleased with the construction that is occuring around campus, because you believe it is effecting your academic abilities in some way (ie maybe you are late to class because the construction changed your usual path to class), remember that the renovations and deconstruction happening on campus are intended to supplement your academic experience, not to limit it.

Maroon 2001

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