Spring and Summer Gardens

Summer is quickly approaching! As the semester winds down, you might be able to get outside and enjoy some of the beautiful weather that we’ve been having in New Orleans.

Author Claire Lawson-Hall and illustrator Muriel Mallows reflect on the seasons in their books A Winter Garden, An Autumn Garden, A Spring Garden, and A Summer Garden. The two women have collaborated on a variety of projects. The Garden series includes journal entries written by Lawson-Hall that report on the meteorological and environmental happenings in her British garden.

In Special Collections and Archives, we have a set of the Garden series that has been beautifully bound. They are part of the Rosalee McReynolds Collection, which is named after the Monroe Library’s first Special Collections librarian and contains a number of books that are true works of art. Pictured below are A Spring Garden and A Summer Garden.

Cover, A Spring Garden

Obviously, this is much more than a book. It has progressed into a work of art.

Excerpt from A Spring Garden

Cover, A Summer Garden

The back of A Summer Garden

Text and illustrations, A Summer Garden

These books, along with An Autumn Garden, A Winter Garden, and the rest of the Rosalee McReynolds Collection can be viewed in Special Collections and Archives, 3rd floor, Monroe Library.

Found in the Archives is a recurring series of crazy cool stuff found in the Monroe Library’s Special Collections & Archives.

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