Happy birthday, Truman Capote

Today would have been the 89th birthday of author Truman Capote. Capote was born Truman Streckfus Persons in New Orleans on September 30, 1924. He spent most of his childhood being raised by relatives in Monroeville, Alabama, and eventually became famous for both his fiction and nonfiction works including Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1958) and In Cold Blood (1966), considered by some to be the first “non-fiction novel” and to this day one of the most successful crime sellers of all time. He eventually became as well known for his colorful personality and celebrity friends as for his writing. Successful not only in literature but also as a screenwriter and a playwright, Capote died in 1984 from liver cancer.

Capote visited New Orleans a number of times later in his life. In 1977, Capote, along with playwright Edward Albee and writer/actor/director Melvin van Peebles, appeared at Tulane for a panel on “Art and the Creative Individual.” The symposium was reviewed in the Maroon.

Direction '77 Maroon article

A few years earlier, another Maroon writer had a run-in with the famed author and celebrity.

"In Search of the Big Shot" Maroon article

The Monroe Library has a number of books both by and about Capote, including several in Special Collections & Archives. Additional biographical info on Capote can also be found through the library’s databases.

Found in the Archives is a recurring series of crazy cool stuff found in the Monroe Library’s Special Collections & Archives.

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