In Laughland

Henry “Hy” Mayer was a turn-of- the century German-American cartoonist and animator. Special Collections & Archives has a first edition of Mayer’s 1899 In Laughland, a collection of drawings some of which appeared in early Life Magazine.

The entirety of the book is available in the Louisiana Digital Library.

Mayer later published in Harper’s Bazaar and animated the Travelaughs series for Universal Studios. The archives for the Pathé News, a British newsreel and documentary producer, has several of Mayer’s animations digitized online:

Travelaughs, “Getting The Bird” by Hy Mayer, 1920

Travelaughs, “At the Zoo” by Hy Mayer, 1922

“The Makin’s Of An Artist” by Hy. Mayer, 1930

If you feel like getting the giggles, come see In Laughland in person at Special Collections & Archives on the third floor of the Monroe Library.

Found in the Archives is a recurring series of crazy cool stuff found in the Monroe Library’s Special Collections & Archives.

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