Library Friends of the Month

Meet Marc Luettecke and Matthew Portnoy our Library Friends of the Month!

Marc and Matthew are good friends and were seniors who graduated in May 2013.

Marc is from Germany and was recruited to play basketball for the Wolfpack. Matthew is from New Jersey and ended up as a student at Loyola due to some friends who attended the university and shared their love of the campus and the school with him.

They both spent a lot of time in the stock trading room especially with Marc studying Finance, and Matthew studying Economics and Accounting. They also raved about the resouces the library has available to students:

Lockers, headphones, interlibrary loans, multimedia rooms and great online electronic databases for research. Matthew also really loved just hanging out in the Learning Commons.

They felt the computers were in need of an update, but loved our resources and our librarians. Thanks, guys!

Congratulations on your recent graduation and being our first dual Library Friends of the Month!

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