Elevate New Orleans and the Monroe Library

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A Successful Collaboration between Elevate New Orleans and the Monroe Library

The Monroe Library was the academic home to Elevate New Orleans this year. Elevate is an after-school program for inner-city middle and high school students who excel at basketball. The program provides academic, athletic, and social training to help ensure the students attend college and ultimately give back to their community. This mission aligns with the Jesuit vision of education, which includes educating the whole person and acting as men and women for others. Sky Hyacinthe (Executive Director of Elevate) and Malia Willey (Instruction Coordinator) coordinated the collaboration between Elevate and the Monroe Library. Loyola students engaged in tutoring for the Elevate students through the Community-Based Federal Work Study program. Elevate has also partnered with other Loyola groups, such as the Lindy Boggs Center, the Office of Service Learning, and the University Honors Program.

Here’s what a few of the Elevate students had to say about the Monroe Library and their Loyola student tutors:

“Monroe Library is a cool environment because of all the people opening the door saying good afternoon and I really like the way they welcome me at Loyola University. I thank you for having me at your school.”

“My grades have gone up a lot since I’ve been coming to Loyola for tutoring.”

“I have got way better in math and my writing skills. I understand things now more than I did before.”

“Loyola student tutors are very helpful. They help me prepare for my test and with my homework. Every time I’m with the Loyola student tutors I feel more prepared for the school day the day after.”

“The Monroe Library makes me feel safe and welcoming.”

“They have helped me improve my grades and my GPA. They have also taught me new ways to do homework.”

“Awesome. They have helped tremendously. When my grades were down they helped me pick them up.”

“The Monroe Library is a place I look forward to seeing every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It is a place for me to get away from the chaos of school and the outside world and it is a place for me to concentrate only on work.”

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