Friend of the Monroe Library: Diana Mirfiq

Meet Diana Mirfiq, our newest library friend!

Diana is a junior, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Mass Comm who
grew up in New Orleans on the west bank and always wanted to attend Loyola
University New Orleans. She mentions the diversity of the students as one
of its biggest selling points and reasons she enjoys studying here.

She recently started writing for the Maroon, but initially wanted to
become a clinical psychologist. “My career goals switch like the New
Orleans weather—I’m unpredictable.”

Using the computers on the first floor as well as mingling with friends
are her biggest draws for using the library.

When asked how we could help to further student success, Diana says we do
so much to meet the needs of our users. “You already do. There’s so
much available that I don’t even use.”

And improvements? “The internet gets crazy and the printing. But
that’s it. At least we don’t have to pay for printing.”

We’re listening, Diana and congratulations on being the Monroe Library
Friend of the Month!

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