Friend of the Monroe Library: Kenneth Motley

Kenneth Motley is a sophomore at Loyola who is studying Mass
Communications. Born in Mobile, he grew up in New Orleans East. When asked
why he decided to attend Loyola, he responds, “I liked the campus.”

His appreciation for Loyola is still here, saying it feels like home.
After finishing school he would like to pursue modeling, but public
relations is his back up plan.

He loves to hang out in the Learning Commons on the first floor to chill
with his friends, being able to print out his work and to study, but knows
if you REALLY want to study, you head up the upper quiet floors.

While he feels the library does a good job, his suggestions for
improvement would be to update the Windows computers and get better

We’re listening, Kenneth, and congratulations on being the Monroe
Library Friend of the Month!

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