Happy Pi Day

3.14159:  the first six of over ten trillion digits of Pi that have been calculated. On 3.14, we celebrate the world’s favorite irrational and transcendental number, Pi, the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle.

In 1988, physicist Larry Shaw organized the first Pi Day celebration at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. In 2009, The US House of Representatives passed a non-binding resolution officially designating March 14th as Pi day.

Some suggestions for celebrating Pi Day:

  • Bake and eat a Pi pie
  • Watch The Life of Pi or Pi
  • Hug a mathematician
  • Read up on Leonhard Euler, who popularized the use of the Greek letter ∏ in the 18th century

Have fun, and we’ll see you again on Square Root day (4/4/16)!

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