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Did you know that every once in a while the student body of Loyola publishes a short newspaper known as the Moron? This comic rag has been in publication since at least the early 1930s. While it seems that the Moron was originally published regularly on April Fools’ Day, it now appears only sporadically. Along with over 1600 issues of the Maroon, the Monroe Library’s Special Collections and Archives also digitized several issues of the Moron found within the collection. You can also find out more about the modern day version of this publication¬†here.

Archive versions of the Moron:

April 1, 1930

April 1, 1931

April 1, 1932

April 1, 1933

April 1, 1976

Found in the Archives is a recurring series of crazy cool stuff found in the Monroe Library’s Special Collections & Archives.

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    Just to Update, if you want more digital copies, here you go!

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