Fraternities at Loyola

Last week, fraternity rush at Loyola began. The three fraternities currently on campus, Beggars, Phi Kappa Psi, and Sigma Alpha Kappa had the opportunity to recruit around 30 men of Loyola. The process begins as a group during convocation when the different fraternities introduce themselves. They give the rushees information about their history, their unique definition of brotherhood, and more. After, the fraternities and rushees mix and mingle and eventually the fraternities choose who will be their pledges.

Beggars and Sigma Alpha Kappa are the oldest fraternities on campus, founded in 1923. The Beggars philanthropy is the Cancer Crusaders and Sigma Alpha Kappa’s philosophy is Habitat for Humanity. Both have achieved great success for the two foundations over the years. Below is a Wolf Yearbook picture of the Beggars from 1933.

Blog post by Kristen Blomeyer, Special Collections work-study student and Social Media and Outreach Intern.

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