Joe Lobo, the “Infallible One”

The Loyola mascot has had a number of iterations over the years (at one point we even had a real wolf!).

Loyola wolf mascot (1932 Maroon)

But in addition to Havoc (formerly known as “Fang,”) Loyola has had a longstanding representative of the “spirit of Loyola.” Fifty years ago, the university met for the very first time Joe Lobo.

Joe Lobo with cheerleaders (1963 Wolf Yearbook)

Lobo was the self-professed “infallible one.” Charged with selecting Loyola’s “ideal  co-ed,” Miss Wolf, Lobo was the “paragon of collegiate virtue.” While he was only seen once a year, his voice continued to be heard through the Maroon. As recently as 2008, Joe Lobo V wrote the newspaper’s horoscope.

Joe Lobo with Loyola logo (1963 Wolf Yearbook)

While Lobo seems to have disappeared for the time being, it’s probably only a matter of time before he resurfaces.

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