Welcome Elevate New Orleans

The Monroe Library welcomed Elevate New OrleansĀ http://elevateusa.org/this fall. Elevate is an after-school program for inner-city middle and high school students who excel at basketball. The program provides academic, athletic, and social training to help ensure the students attend college and ultimately give back to their community. This mission aligns with the Jesuit vision of education, which includes educating the whole person and acting as men and women for others.

The library is home to the academic program. Loyola students engage in tutoring through the Community-Based Federal Work Study program. Malia Willey (Instruction Coordinator) works with Sky Hyacinthe (Executive Director of Elevate) to develop and implement the curriculum, which includes information literacy and college preparedness. Elevate has also partnered with other Loyola groups, such as the Lindy Boggs Center, the Office of Service Learning, and the University Honors Program.

Welcome Elevate!

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