International Cooperation

I don’t know about you, but the Olympics always bring out my international cooperation side. Which is a fancified way of saying that for 30 minutes every night until the closing ceremonies I’ll have the inexplicable urge to ditch work, learn all 6 official languages of the UN, and go take a job as a diplomat. Never mind that the closest I’ve ever come to international diplomacy is having both Taco Bell and Domino’s be part of the same dinner.

So,┬áit’s that time again, and this time, I decided I’m going to make a legitimate attempt to learn a language- by reading magazines. Turns out, the Monroe Library has a super-sweet collection of foreign language magazines, newspapers, and journals. Interested in learning Spanish? Check out El Pais. German? Well, I think Stern Magazine is for you. And if French is more your thing, have a look at Paris Match, a French tabloid that I am pretty certain has had either Nicolas or Carla Sarkozy on the cover every issue for the last 6 months. There’s plenty more, too. Here’s how you look up foreign language periodicals in the catalog.

Of course, I act like I know this stuff off the top of my head, but in the ‘There’s no such thing as a stupid question’ department, I actually asked Beth how to do this. Beth, being a super-awesome reference librarian, happily complied, and now I’m taking credit for it. Anyway….

1) Go to the Library’s full catalog.

2) Under the search box, click ‘Advanced Search.’

3) In the drop down box marked ‘Language,’ pick the language you want to search for. In the drop down box marked ‘Material type,’ select ‘Periodical.’

4) Hit search, and presto! A list of periodicals in a given language!

Neat. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I hear some Thai food calling my name.


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