Loyola Football, Undefeated Since 1939

Drew Brees had a historic night against the Chargers yesterday as he surpassed Johnny Unitas’ record for most consecutive games with a touchdown pass thrown. What may come as a surprise is that Loyola’s football team was also once known for its record-breaking abilities.

The 1926 Loyola football team, coached by Eddie Reed, went undefeated. William Elton “Bucky” Moore was not only Loyola’s leading rusher that year, but his 1,131 rushing yards in eight games was the finest individual performance in college football nationwide.

Despite their record-breaking years, Loyola’s football program was discontinued in 1939 due to an annual deficit of approximately $20,000.

Loyola’s athletics history is full of surprises. For more stories, head to the Living Room on the first floor of the Monroe Library to see the Centennial Athletics Exhibit.

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    its your fault my roommate on the floor gasping. lol undefeated since 1939 ded

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    We aim to please! But remember to breathe.

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