The Weekly Picayune

This week New Orleans became a city without a daily newspaper when The Times Picayune became a thrice-weekly publication.

Historically there have been a large variety of newspapers in New Orleans, including The Weekly Picayune. Published every Monday, the paper was a mix of local, national and international news, and may have been akin to the Sunday newspaper of today as it was about twice as long as the editions printed daily.

Special Collections & Archives houses issues of The Weekly Picayune for the year 1841-1842. A look at the publication one hundred and seventy one years ago this week reveals much information on the city, from local currency exchange to information on arriving ships. The reported deaths reveal that Yellow Fever was present and still claiming victims in the city.

And of course there is always room for levity with a good ol’ fashioned Whig joke.

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  1. Michael Powell Says:

    Thank you for letting me see an actual banner for the New Orleans “Weekly Picayune.”

    I have been trying to find out the volume and number for the 6 JUL 1846 issue. I’m guessing it’s vol. 9, no. 20. Might you be able to verify this for me?

    Thanks for your help,

    Michael Powell

  2. admin Says:

    Dear Michael,

    We only have issues from 1841-1842 and 1844-1845. The final issue we have in our collection is from February 10, 1845, Volume 7 No. 52.

    However, it looks like both Tulane University and The Historic New Orleans Collection have the 6 JUL 1846 issue:

    Tulane’s catalog lists v.IX:no.21-22 (1846:Jul.6-13), so that must make 6 JUL 1846 Volume 9 No. 21.

    Hope this helps, and thank you for reading our blog!


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