Found in the Archives: Holy Name of Jesus Church 1918

Did you know this is how the interior of Holy Name looked upon its completion in 1918? The church took over five years to build and was considered at the time “the largest and handsomest church building in New Orleans” (Times-Picayune, May 30, 1917). The construction was made possible thanks to an extremely generous donation of $150,000 from a Miss Kate McDermott. Remember, that’s in 1918 dollars. Today that sum equates to over 2.25 million. The dedication and consecration of the church took place on Monday, December 9, 1918, and was attended by such notables as His Excellency the Right Reverend John Bonzano, the papal delegate to America, as well as Archbishop John W. Shaw.

For more information about the church check out the Holy Name of Jesus Parish website.

Holy Name of Jesus Church Interior

Holy Name of Jesus Church Interior

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