Friend of the Month: Bobby Cheramie

Meet Bobby Cheramie, the Monroe Library’s Friend of the Month! This program recognizes students who frequently borrow a variety of library materials.

Tell us about yourself:

I’m from Lafitte, Louisiana and I’m a first-year commuter student. I’m a Theatre major and a Business minor. I’m currently starting a production company with two other students. We’re producing a show at the Mid-City Theatre in June. It’s called Suburbia and you should come!

How do you use the library?

Since I commute one hour to school, I stay on campus all day. I do my homework in the library between classes. I like to study in the Learning Commons on the first floor and sometimes I use the study rooms. I borrow all kinds of stuff like laptops, scripts, and books. During my first week, my Theatre Roundtable class came to the library and Laurie Phillips, our department library liaison, gave us a tour. Now I go to her if I need anything!

How can the library help further student success?

One thing I’ve noticed is that the wireless internet connection can be spotty in certain parts of the library. I guess that could be improved.

Thanks for using the library, Bobby!

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